A link to the past
Counting Jewels with Omega – Part II
June 3, 2016

Since the emblem of the Omega manufacture and the beginning of the journey can be identified on good reasons with then newly tailored 19″ lig. caliber, developed by François Chevillat, it is worth offering a small tribute to it’s creation by adapting this small grading study on the evolution of the 19″ caliber, being the most versatile of […]

Counting Jewels with Omega – Part I
May 9, 2016

As most watch enthusiasts know, jewels have been in the watchmaking landscape since the early 1700’s. The necessity and the role of the jewels was to reduce friction and wear on the moving parts, improve accuracy and prolong the watch utility. With the help of the mechanized production, and interchangeable parts, at the end of the 19th and the […]