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I remember that, at the age of 10 or so, I did my first steps into the watch world, while I was spinning one of my late great grandfather’s pocket watches by it’s chain, over my wrist and playing around with it like a Yoyo… until it hit the ground. Intrigued by the sound of “something trapped inside”, I must have slammed it again and again, until it probably turned into bits. Not that impressed with the wheels and springs, it didn’t take me long to move my attention to something else, as if nothing happened. It sure was nothing of great importance, as folks would have been hard on me, but to make a long story short, grandfather made sure it was a lesson learned. So now you know what happened to all the non working watches on the market, waiting for a new owner to pick.
Seriously, I never thought I would be followed by this memory long enough to share it, but it is the oldest, and possibly the one that has triggered a profound passion for pocket watches. In fact, the lesson was learned enough to be the one trying to salvage instead of tearing them apart. Quite an unexpected twist of events, I should say.

If you are new to the watch world and have recently decided to start a collection, you will soon find out that many of the internet horological resources like watch forums and blogs, and even modern publications share a great deal of information about wristwatches while pocket watches and their larger cousins, seem to have fallen into disgrace, or in the happiest event, you have to dig to the bottom of the internet to find what you need. This may not be the general consensus, as I am certain there still is a healthy group of collectors trying to make sure that their efforts are not waste, by sharing their passion and wisdom, but it sure is a sign of depreciation.

Not at all an expert, but rather an apprentice, during the last decade, besides the usual interest in the vintage wristwatches, I have spent quite some time studying and researching on the evolution of the Omega and the Swiss – in a larger context – pocket watches in the 19 and 20th century.
Since the mechanical wristwatch was able to make a historical comeback, after the quartz era crisis, and is doing fine on it’s own, breaking record after record, the pocket watch was totally left behind. It is therefore, a good moment for the pocket watch collectors, and within their knowledge, to reestablish it’s place and importance in the watchmaking scene. Shall we succeed ? Only time will tell.

But besides the unique stories about pocket watches or top shelf brands, there is a plethora of small watches by all standards, feminine by today standards, military, sports, unusual, unheard of, or simply interesting and less important wristwatches that we will try to entertain the audience with. After all, the watch world is not just about Paul Newman Cosmographs, Speedmasters, Carreras, El Primeros, Constellations or Submariners.

So whether you are a long-established collector or just new to the club, this multi-author blog is designed to offer an extensive resource in buying, collecting or restoring vintage timepieces and avoiding pitfalls or costly mistakes.

Disclaimer: While we aim to make a great reference and hope that our photography and verbiage will round up one’s experience in the watch world, the reader should always be encouraged to continue research outside the habitual and traditional route.

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