Watch Scout: Omega 47.7 NN L Bull silently sold on eBay
Market report – May 2017
The Wordsmith, The Brave Men, and the Patek vs. Pateck
Omega Pocket Watch Regulators in the French line era
Omega OXW vs. OXG Import code explained – Which is what and why ?
The paths never taken by Omega
How to date your Omega pocket watch
Counting Jewels with Omega
Part II
Market report – May 2016
Counting Jewels with Omega
Part I

Back in April, a nice oversized Omega “De Bord” Chronometer pocket watch showed up for sale on eBay. It probably lasted only a few minutes before it went off the radar screen, thus, for the most, it remained unnoticed. The description didn’t help much either. The watch was little covered in the past weekend Market Report article, but since then, my mind remained devoted […]

Market report – May 2017
May 26, 2017

Here we are, a year after the last market report entry. Although it looks like you’ve seen it before, the market did change in some unexpected ways. After an intensive appreciation with requests and sales results breaking record after record – some still are -, we now face not a dramatic drop but for sure a deceleration, and possible a even greater separation […]

Although it has been quite some time since my last entry, I left behind a horrible cold season and an exhausting half an year. Beneath all appearances, life still throbs in the suburbs of Europe. Finding time to put together some thoughts is a different story.Today, instead of a joke, I chose a cylinder pocket […]

1 French line (also referred as Paris line) = 2.2558 mm Before 1920’s, Omega movement sizes were expressed exclusively in French lignes, which gave the name of the caliber. It is not unusual, since the French and Swiss watch manufacturers, always preferred the Paris line to the metric system, when referring to movement sizes. Although this was the first […]

For the last 10 years, the import codes matter has been widely discussed, but never satisfactorily explained. The 3 letter US import codes were most of the times, attributed to the manufacturer. There is no excuse here, as I had the same perception for many years too. It was only after I dealt with two different […]

The paths never taken by Omega
July 14, 2016

Trying to explain “what really is Omega”, its no easy task. But it could unveil in the form of many things… definitely more then James Bond and Man on the Moon. With little exception, wherever you look at, trying to document yourself about Omega’s history, every piece of article will start with a reverence for what dictionary will return for “Omega”, […]

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